Warning! Wimps & Cowards Beware! Do NOT Order This Book If You HATE Money Or Are Easily Offended...

How To NOT Get YOUR Ass
Kicked In The Insurance Business

Michael's New Book
Michael McLean and Mike Ditka

A Real-World, No-Holds-Barred, From The Trenches “Emergency Survival Battle Plan” For The NEW Insurance Economy – Written By A ‘Grassroots’ Insurance Agency Owner Who Still Does What He Teaches

By Michael McLean, Agent, Author, Speaker (Crown Royal Drinker)

Before joining Ultimate Millionaire Agent my agency had become stagnant. Some years, small growth, other years, a small loss.
The worst part? I was working a death dealing 80 hours per week.

Since joining Ultimate Millionaire Agent I’ve been able to systematize my office and staff to massively improve employee
performance, client retention, and the bottom line ridding myself of ALL problems internally. My office now operates as a
well-oiled machine that never breaks down! Plus I have learned how to perfect niche marketing in Commercial Lines which results
in double digit growth annually. PLUS Ultimate Millionaire Agent’s Commercial Niche Marketing is an absolute proven winner for
me and many others which has ALSO grown my Personal Lines book by double digits year after year after year. Who can say
that in the Personal Lines world which has become a price driven commodity? And the best part? I am working a manageable
45 hours weekly which has allowed me so much more time with my family and closest friends which to me is priceless and
why I am in business to be successful! My strong advice to YOU: Order his FREE book NOW!

– Michael Carroll, President, The Carroll Insurance Group, www.carrollinsgroup.com

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